A crypto currency exchange platform is basically a website that lets you buy, sell or exchange crypto currencies into other forms of currencies like US dollars or Euros. Every platform is different since it has different features and specifications. For you to choose the right platform for yourself, you have to make sure that you know your needs and expectations very well.  To use a crypto currency exchange you will have to create an account on the platform and then verify it with a valid ID of yours.

One such platform for crypto currency exchange is E-dome. E-dome’s basic mission is to support the world’s mission driven and sensible people by making them technologically advanced. In a lot of crypto currency exchange platforms, a lot of money is lost during the buying, selling or exchanging crypto due to the transaction fees, but e-dome offers a different type of crypto aggregator which gives you access to all the trading floors at the same time when you trade through their crypto. E-dome will provide you with the complete information about the market on one page and the ongoing transaction. You can also connect you account to your other financial services and social networks like the card system. E-dome has acquired some companies like OCTA plus to provide some additional features to its users. OCTA plus is a licensed banking software, it is approved by higher authorities and is also used by a lot of top rated banks. Its main purpose is to provide connectivity as soon as possible. OCTA plus has its own multipurpose token which can be either use as a long time investment or as a way to pay for many transactions. E-dome also has an in house development project called as E-card. This project basically connects all the crypto currencies into one single payment network, hence this helps to create a reliable, secure and fast network to process the user’s transactions. This feature uses block chain technology and also provides a way to all the crypto currencies in the whole world and also will connect crypto currency to social life. The final feature of the E-dome platform for crypto currencies is the ‘One Click’ feature. By just clicking the ‘start’ button once you will have the result of the whole market analysis and that too of the whole world in just few hours.  One Click uses integrated voting analysis and market analysis to display the results. In this, many AI powered tools and devices are used to deliver information and insights from your brands social media profiles. This also helps you to build up personas of your customers and know more about filters like industry, job title, skills and placement.

Choosing the ideal crypto currency exchange platform for you specific expectations and needs could be a time consuming and a difficult process. Keep things like security, fees, reputation, verification process and geographical services the exchange platform has to offer. Hopefully, the information and details provided to you in the review will assist you to the fullest.