With the growth in the number of new startups and businesses in the market, the contemporary day founders require an easier and convenient method to receive loans and capital. Factoring loans is exactly what everyone is looking for as an alternative to traditional loan methods. Factoring loans are an alternative funding solution for business owners.

Business founders secure capital using unpaid outstanding invoices as collateral. The owner of the business retains the legal ownership of the invoices, but in case they fail to pay back according to the lender’s conditions, then the ownership of the invoices transfers to the lender. This makes it a convenient and attractive method.

Advantages of Factoring Loans

  • Easier to obtain
  • Invoices are used as collateral, thus avoiding pressure on the credit history of the business.
  • Bad business or a business with no credit history can also apply for a Factoring Loan 
  • One just needs a sufficient amount of outstanding invoices to use as collateral
  • Helps founders and business owners to transform invoices into cash very easily and quickly

Fund on E- Dome

This feature on the E- Dome platform is specifically to help budding business founders and owners. It aims to help startups in key markets by assisting them and providing them with capital. Their objective is to partner with bold innovators to make a positive impact.

This feature looks forward to supporting founders and helps them assemble their vision and achieve their goal. It aims to empower the company founders with long term focused capital and take them from idea to IPO through their own funds or relationship with other investors.

This feature is very supportive and encourages new and young business owners and with new ideas. E- Dome does a good job at providing funds and securing the future for newer businesses in the market.

Hubex on E- Dome

Hubex on E- Dome is an advanced Crypto currency trading platform. It enables users from all around the world to carry out trade with respect to Crypto currency. It is an integrated system of accounts and crypto wallets based on banking software with features like Fixed- Term Functionality and the list of options for deporting and transferring funds.

It provides a space that behaves like a central market place for professional investors to access virtual assets. The service is highly efficient and not only gives one a high- performance platform but also proper security and stability.

E- Dome has a strong capital base and provides quality assurance measures to protect users. They give users multilingual prompt support 24/7 and solve each any query. Hence, giving one a convenient and user- friendly experience. E- Dome’s promising interface and support features make it the right platform for the exchange of crypto currency.


E- Dome’s ‘Fund’ is just the right platform that not only provides funding and capital to new and young business owners but also assists them and helps them build a network with interested investors. The ‘Hubex’ Features provides the right space to carry out trade in cryptocurrency and also gives its users added features to make the trading convenient.