The business community is always growing.  New demands create new markets, these market are flooded with new companies and every day these new companies try to optimise their resources and become successful. With an increase in the number of companies, it becomes very important to know and identify people. This is where sites like Meetup play a huge role in connecting people in a professional sphere.

Networking brings together professionals who have the same business interest or share a mutual benefit. This results in a strong professional community. This has made it necessary for people in various industries to be a part of social communities like Meetup. However, there are alternative and better platforms that help people to connect professionally and E- Dome’s One Click is one of the best Meetup alternatives in the UK.

 E- Dome’s One click has emerged to be the right platform for various business and professional individuals to connect and discuss ideas with one another. It has super-efficient features and added technical specifications, which makes the procedure of networking very convenient. One Click provides the space that every professional needs to build an online network, which will be beneficial for their business.

E- Dome’s One Click

E- Dome’s One Click is largely based on the concept of AI. It aims at providing a smart network for professionals to connect and meet people with the same business interests. It includes various features that makes the networking process streamlined but at the same time extensive. One can network with other users based on their CVs or profile and build a larger professional network that also has a social impact.

It is a great space for HRs to make recruitments and find the best of the talents and minds. It is a space where budding entrepreneurs can exchange ideas and work together to build massive companies. Moreover, it helps companies and customers to stay connected over an online platform. This creates transparency between companies and their clients, and improves the relationship they share. In this manner companies can satisfy their customers well. One Click also helps the companies to meet their customer’s expectation by analysing and studying their customer’s search and navigation pattern. Thanks to its high technology backed by AI that makes this an easy job.

One Click also includes features like Video conferences and online chat boxes to improve the efficiency of communication over the internet. It accommodates a large number of users to conduct video conferences and carry out meetings. This makes One Click very holistic in terms of professional networking.


It is high time that professionals and business owners gave attention to the importance of networking. They must start investing their time in creating a profile on online networking spaces like E- Dome’s One Click that will give them access to connections and profiles.

Such an online platform is one of the best Meetup alternatives in the UK. They have made professional networking very convenient and accessible, thus encouraging people from various industries to engage in quality networking.