Social business communities help companies and business to connect with bigger and top business groups and communities, this helps them to network and gain reference. Participating in such platforms increases the visibility of your business or company. This always has a positive impact on the growth of your business.

It increases transparency, accessibility and responsiveness within the company and with respect to the company’s clients and customers. This way it helps in building a good relationship with your customers and clients.

Social Business communities provide the company with a more comprehensive insight, which allows the company to make modification and changes as required. Moreover, such a platform gives every individual employee a sense of belongingness and they feel like they are a part of the institution. This has a direct impact on their efficiency, motivation and momentum regarding work. It gives them the spirit to do better for the company by being connected to everyone on a virtual space.

Therefore, Social business communities help companies make a good impact and boost their social reputation.

E- Dome’s One Click

One Click is one such feature provided by E- Dome, it is supported by artificial intelligence and has a very convenient interface. More so, it includes a self learning network assistance feature so that new users can get a hang of the One Click platform.

One Click provides a smart network for various businesses, companies and their client to connect. It offers GDPR compliant B2B knowledge that enables sales representatives to prospect showing intelligence, successful interactions and shit deals quicker. Along with that, it offers high- quality B2B leads, outward automation and revenue- generating insights. This helps you to maximise your promotion in a wholesome manner.

E- Dome’s One Click makes it a convenient platform for HRs globally. As it enables them to recruit people easily and gives them the scope of finding good and talented people. This makes their job efficient and widens their horizon. One Click not only helps you establish your business and introduce it globally but also understands what your customers or clients want. It AI-supported technology caters to that by understanding the customer’s behaviour and recommending the content they would like next. It does this by studying and analysing your customer’s search and navigation pattern. It automatically adjusts their future search results. This algorithm is very useful for improving your customer’s experience and meeting their expectations.

The technology helps you realise your social influence and guides you on where to focus so as to increase your social impact. It also keeps a tab of your social media promotions and helps you get crowdfunding and interested investors around the globe.


One Click offers multiple features and helps you accomplish a lot of tasks so that you can improve your company’s visibility and social impact. These things have become very important in recent times and that is why being a part of a social business community like One Click becomes very essential.

One click is one of the best Social Business communities, Thanks to its high technology backed with AI and a user- friendly interface.