Various factors come to play while taking a restaurant loan to start a business for them to become an established organisation. Restaurants start off as small ones and then grow their way into the economy with competition and quality. For every small business, a sum is needed as capital and most businessmen go for loans they can pay back once their business has grown, as it is more efficient that way.

We see new restaurants every turn we take. Although the company may have options like being partners with other firms, or using personal capital, most efficient way is to use restaurant loans.

Under restaurant loan lenders, we offer you a very easy and comfortable option OCTA Plus, put forward by E-Dome.The banking is based on exchanging currency and cryptocurrency with the best rates available in the market. E-Dome OCTA plus offers several accounts for commodities, investment, trading, loans etc.

The features of OCTA Plus are as given below:

  • Usage of 40 different currencies is permitted for exchanging with crypto currency and other assets.
  • The assets bought are available for trade, investments and safe keeping.
  • The assets are secured verified and approved.
  • Payment to the members can now be set to work automatically.
  • You can initiate and exchange cryptocurrency all in one place.
  •  Set reminders for payments online

Is OCTA Plus safe?

Given the concerns regarding the safekeeping of your assets, your wallet in OCTA plus is highly guarded with a multi signature three-key management. Your accounts have security configurations and on-chain address compliance check. You own 100% of your funds and shall receive a key card with keys for your funds. The cryptocurrencies taken for consideration for your restaurant loans are Bitcoin, BEP2 and ERC20.

They offer the lowest cryptocurrency buy rate and the highest sell rate. The flat fee rates offered for exchanges are 1%-3% which reduces the fee further. And different from exchanges the currency you purchased shall go directly into your wallet and doesn’t have to go through a third party. You can track your company’s cryptocurrency through email notifications and keep it in check.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The applicant of the restaurant loan must be of age 18 years or above and shall fulfil the residency requirements and meet all eligibility criteria put forward by E-Dome.
  • She/he must have a full knowledge about handling cryptocurrency and blockchain, along with a full understanding of their merits, risks and restrictions associated with usage of crypto currencies.
  • People agreeing to the terms shall not use the website for any illegal activity such as money laundering or terrorism.
  • Users from countries where its activities shall be licensed, accredited or regulated in other ways can’t be a part of the loan.

Overall OCTA plus is a safe and beneficial site to apply for small restaurant loans of your choice. It ensures security and immediate currency exchange and also helps you keep track of your online wallet. Any queries you may have related to restaurant loans via OCTA plus, can be given below in the comments and we’ll get back to you on that as soon as possible.