These days’ cryptocurrency exchanges are very common and highly popular. Since cryptocurrency (especially bitcoin since it was the first ever cryptocurrency to exist) has a great future, new ways of buying and selling it are coming up every day. Many business and financial institutions are investing in bitcoin because of its potential benefits in the near future. Now that you have invested a good deal of your money in bitcoin, you want to sell it and get your dollars back. Hence this article will tell you all about selling your bitcoin and getting your dollars back. Here are some ways by which you can sell bitcoin:

  • Centralized exchanges: these are online platforms, which are used to buy and sell cryptocurrency. You can also call this method by the name of third part exchange, because here a third party or a middle man is used to conduct the transactions. Many sellers and buyers blindly trust this middle man to hold their assets. The main reason to use a middle man is for security, the security and monitoring which are offered by banks cannot be accomplished everyone, hence these middle men are for that, they are a part of a very big network of crypto dealers. . These middle men not only make sure that the transaction is completed safely but they also help you find the right trading partner. The middle man will help you to find the correct buyer or seller for you.
  • Custodian Service: this is a licensed third party service for people or businesses who want to buy, store and sell large amounts of crypto. When you buy or store bitcoin through this particular service, the tokens you have bought are kept with the company and hence the company is totally responsible for storing your tokens until and unless you want to sell them. Storing any kind of crypto currency is not an easy task, you require many things like private and public keys, hot and cold storages etc, hence this is why custodian services are important. Many small businesses and investors simply don’t like to invest in crypto because of this lengthy process and formalities, if the crypto transactions are not handled with care and high security you can even loose an ample amount of your funds. Hence this is where the custodian services make it easy and safe. They save you from all kinds of thefts and hackers.  

Cryptocurrency can turn out to be the best currency if used properly. Whatever might be the state of the market, bitcoin will never you down. You can always rely on bitcoin if you need some extra money. In the near future, crypto will have a leading role to play in the evolution and development of economy. Remember your safety and security is of utmost importance. Both of the above mentioned methods are safe and secure and can be very well used for both large and small transactions.