‘Global village’ has become a very popular term in the 21st century. Today staying in touch with people from all around the world is very convenient. This makes professional networking an important practice in every industry. Networking brings together professionals who have the same business interest or share a mutual benefit. This results in a strong professional community.

Professional networking has several benefits. It not only allows you to connect with people from various sectors and industries but also helps you gain deeper industrial and financial understanding by interacting with your connections. Via Professional networking, you can create long term, credible relations that can come of use when you want guidance, advice, or are looking for a shift in your career. The contacts at the right place can be very helpful when looking for vacancies, promotions or boosting your career graph.

How to network

To network better, one has to know and practice the professional skills required while networking. Following are a few key pointers one must keep in their mind:

  • They should be confident in themselves
  • They should know the kind of people they want to connect with
  • They should be ready to provide something in return as it is a two- way relation
  • They should acknowledge their short term and long term plans

Choosing the right people to build a network with is very important. One must have the basic idea regarding the intentions and credibility of the person you choose to build a network with. Another thing one should keep in mind is to introduce them properly and be clear about their business interest. These are aspects that can help one connect better and for a longer period.

Online Professional Networking Sites

To cater to these professional requirements, we now have several online professional networking sites. These networking sites enable users to connect for business, career, mentoring or contact building purposes. One does not need to physically meet a person and talk about their interest; they can simply connect through such sites. These sites also provide a scope for uploading CVs and interests.

E- Dome is one such online site, which provides you with indexing, security, networking, analytics and the latest news and tech updates. It is a space where professionals can interact with each other through open and hidden conversational chats and also video conferences. It allows video conferences for a large number of viewers.

E- Dome is a great platform for professionals to connect, exchange ideas, and work together. It provides a team workspace and several other features, which makes E- Dome the right space to build contacts and carry out professional networking.


Professionals must start investing their time in creating a profile on online networking spaces like E- Dome that will give them access to connections and profiles. This way one can sit at home and connect with various like- minded people or people from the same industry and build a good professional circle. Such online platforms have made professional networking very convenient and accessible, thus encouraging people from various industries to engage in quality networking.